Mt.Hood Seeding • Oct 22 2022 Boys & Girls Teams

Oct 14th Boys Grant Tourney

Sept 27th League Game VS Summit

September 23rd – 25th BOYS  BSD Club Invitational @ Beaverton with a 18th Bday for Jackson...

Sept 1st Non-League Game VS Mt.View

Sept 8th Non-League Game against Summit.  

Great turnout of parents to keep score, stats etc... & great turnout of friends & family to cheer on the athletes.  Tough match but great start of the season.  GO BEARS!

Running the Clock & Guys agains Gals Scrimmage...

The team got together on a Friday night to have a Guys vs Gals scrimmage so the parenst could learn and practice keeping score, running the shot clock & keeping stats.  The.coaches even got to get in the pool and play for the girls team as they were a couple short that night.  It was a great turnout of parents and the kids had some fun too.  It takes a village or at least a lot of parents some coaches and some athletes who love being in the water.  Thank you parents for showing up & making this possible for all the kids.

Pizza & Photo Scavenger Hunt

We had a little team bonding before our first jamboree & school starting.  After practice we had dinner at Pizza Mondo and then broke off into two teams to do a little photo scavenger hunt that Jaime (Board Prez) put together.  All in all the kids had fun being kids.  We do have a team winner which will be getting some kind of something or another prize soon.

Annual Redmond Jamboree

A 3 day tournament where the athletes get to scrimmage as a team, a co-ed team, eat, nap, play silly games, get sunburnt, eat and generally bond.  The kids look forward to this tournament every year and for good reason - its a great way to start off the season.